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How an early morning routine could be killing my creativity

Updated: Apr 6

It took me 5 minutes to even start typing the first like because I’m writing this at 7:57 and I’m already sleepy. 8 PM used to be my afternoon and I got some amazing things done post 1 AM, earlier. Late nights are said to be ideal for creative people to work on their ideas as you are least likely to be interrupted by a phone call, email or Facebook(unless you let cat GIFs distract you)

An organisation that transfers money to my bank account every month forced me into this routine and I had to oblige. It’s been about 8 months since I had to wake up at at 5 AM everyday. By the time the clock shows 5 again, I’m drained, mentally more than physically. However, I did manage to get a lot of work done and I seemed to have been given the Gift of Time, only to realize it came at a price. In the last 8 months, I realize that my creative output has been at the lowest. I’ve not written much, I’ve not made a lot of memes and I’ve not even been able to come up with really creative lame jokes!

This started to worry me a little bit. I miss the times when I suddenly get an idea at 10 PM and by 2 AM, I’m done. It’s not that I don’t get ideas by 10 PM these days, I do but I’m asleep by 10:15 and I don’t remember anything the next day. I started thinking if my early morning routine had anything to do with my creative productivity or I’m just finding excuses.

I’m just forced to conclude that I don’t get enough uninterrupted time during the day to work on anything and when I finally do, I’m sleepy. It takes a great deal of effort to even write a mediocre piece like this when I’m sleepy. So yes, an early morning routine has killed my creativity.


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