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Here’s why I think every Wednesday should be a working holiday

Updated: Apr 6

No, I’m not going to talk about a 1-day weekend in the middle of the week.

I have a 5-day work week(like most of us) and usually I have a set of tasks to do everyday. There are times when a light bulb suddenly glows and I get an idea that can potentially be a side project at work. These Side Projects, if completed, can solve problems resulting in improving you/your team’s productivity to help stay on top of the Pokemon Go’s leaderboard!

However, I don’t work on these ideas. The only person who can hold me accountable for not following through with these ideas is going to be…well…me. Since I’m safely hiding behind the curtains of the assumption that “I have no time! This can wait!”, I’m not even going to feel guilty of not working on that idea.

Assumption: “I have other important things to do at work. I can always pick this up when I have time” Reality: “There’s never going to be time. No one’s going to ask me anything if I don’t work on my own idea.”

I have the habit of making a list of ideas to work on in Wunderlist(amazing app btw) and I recently looked at it. It was filled with ideas from the last 6 months that I haven’t even touched upon. In fact, if I had not noted it down, I would’ve forgotten about it. It felt good to blame anything but me for not working on these potential world-changing ideas so I started thinking if my office could’ve done something to make me work on these. So, I came up with a fictional work model that my company could’ve followed for me to have finished these side projects.

The two things that I claimed to be roadblocks were: 1. No Time 2. No Accountability

The solution seemed pretty simple to me. I can’t work on these ideas at office because I’m doing things that I’m paid to do and they obviously take priority. What if I’m paid to work on my ideas? I don’t work on these ideas at office because no one’s going to hold me accountable for them. What if I’m held accountable for not working on my ideas?

The Proposed Model

Every Wednesday should be a working holiday for all employees dedicated to work on an idea that’s outside their job description. It could be anything but it should be new. The company should also figure out a way to monitor progress of these ideas to ensure that the employees are not just chilling.

It’s certainly a difficult model to accept but it’s not something un heard of. In my lazy research, I came across this article about how 3M gave time off to their employees to work on their ideas and it turned out in their favour.

P.S Why Wednesdays? It’s simply to ensure that these working holidays don’t turn into long weekends.


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